Drain the Swamp, Save America Classic Flag

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Our nation is in dire straights. It is being destroyed from within by a cabal of elites and their powerful puppets, who look to bring America to its knees in favor of a globalist one-world-government technocratic hellhole. Our borders are wide open, our government and its officials serve foreign interests, the economy is in the toilet, war is brimming all around the world, crime is at all time highs, and nobody is doing anything about it. All by design. If we want to keep our country, we desperately need to come together and Save America. It’s even one of Trump’s campaign slogans, but he cant do it alone. Spread the awareness and wake people up, we’ve got a country to save!

TGP’s Save America Collection will feature different goals/messages that hit some of the most pressing challenges our country faces. Many more to come!

What better way to glow up a house front or a yard than with a fully customized banner. Perfect for any occasion and seasonal decorations, these lightweight banners are made from high-quality 100% polyester poplin-canvas that keep your beautiful designs from leaking through.

.: 100% polyester
.: Weatherproof and fade resistant fabric
.: One size (36" × 60") (91.44cm × 152.4cm)
.: Features sleeve at top
.: The same design printed on both sides
.: Flagpole not included
.: *NB! The product is in a vertical orientation - please double-check the horizontal designs